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Are you looking for rental laptop's? If so, you've found your destination. Laptop rentals from The Support Shop is the cost effective way to obtain laptops on a short term basis.

Laptops are great for business trips and allow the person to be as productive as possible. You can stay connected anytime - work on presentations, projects at your convenience and with Wi-Fi compatibility, you also stay connected to the internet virtually anywhere.

Wireless laptop rentals are also extremely beneficial to small and medium businesses. We Rent Our Laptops for students, training classes, travelling executives, convention, conferences, trade shows, hospital stays and vacations. Wireless notebooks are quick and easy to set up and extremely easy to use.

All of our laptops are recent!

       - Have built-in wireless Intel® Centrino®mobile technology.

       - Certified to work with both 802.11b/g technologies.

At The Support Shop, we strive to be your best source for laptop rental services.

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