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Optimum performance and reduced life cycle costs

As a professional laptop repair company, we provide specialised and competitive laptop / notebook maintenance services, giving you a complete peace of mind.


Effective maintenance regimes employed.

Fixed maintenance costs provided over the duration.

Risk of unforeseen maintenance costs may be greatly reduced.

Increased laptop life.

Enhanced operational availability and reduced downtime.

Rapid response guaranteed.

Reduce downtime.

We have two levels of maintenance contract:

Level One – Scheduled Maintenance

This includes four regular preventive maintenance for a year on a mutual consent and is recommended for situations where user is well informed on basic trouble shooting.

Level Two – Scheduled and unscheduled Maintenance
This includes regular preventive maintenance and also unforeseen break down calls during the year. This is suitable for user looking at fixed cost repair and maintenance point of contact for all their laptop.

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Terms & Conditions

I agree to allow Support Shop (India) Private Limited to inspect my laptop and carry out a service to fix the faults mentioned above on estimation approval. I understand that there is no fixed fee policy. Also I understand that if I do not collect the laptop after 2 months, the same can be sold to recover costs and will be disposed off by Support Shop (India) Private Limited.

Note : Our Pick Up Boy will come with a copy of the pick up form attested by Support Shop (India) Private Limited for safe hand over.

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