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We specialize in all types of technical repairs, including chip level servicing. Our highly skilled Electronic Engineers have extensive experience in repairing laptops as a whole unit, covering all major faults, as well as repairing other key components individually. With appropriate technical expertise, excellent communication and efficient pick up/delivery service, we are able to provide professional and secured repair service.

You should not just take our words for it; But give us an opportunity to extend an expert repair service to match your expectation.

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1.Laptop Over heating
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4. E, U & N keys not working
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1.Power adaptor
2.Laptop Bag
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I agree to allow Support Shop (India) Private Limited to inspect my laptop and carry out a service to fix the faults mentioned above on estimation approval. I understand that there is no fixed fee policy. Also I understand that if I do not collect the laptop after 2 months, the same can be sold to recover costs and will be disposed off by Support Shop (India) Private Limited.

Note :Our Pick Up Boy will come with a copy of the pick up form attested by Support Shop (India) Private Limited for safe hand over.

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