Factory Refurbished Laptops

Factory refurbished laptops undergo remanufacturing process to check if there is any defect. Each refurbished laptop passes through various examinations. If there is no fault then the hard disk is reformatted and the operating system is loaded. Then the laptop is worked for not less than four hours. Meantime if any fault is found, then the defective part is replaced. Quality control department does individual checking of all components for assuring perfect functioning of the whole system.

Factory refurbished laptops retain high standards in their quality as each piece is checked at different levels for proper working and quality. Compared to the normal retail price, factory refurbished laptops have a low price.The advantage lies in getting the latest models and versions of branded laptops at cheap rates.

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Refurbished Laptop Availablity

Brand Specification Price
SONYDual Core33,500.00

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