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You upgraded your technology and got a new laptop, you don't have to say goodbye to your old photos, documents, e-mails, bookmarks and favorites. Instead, take them with you. We provide the industry's most reliable, fast and efficient laptop data migration services.

Our laptop data migration solutions are designed to effectively manage your business continuity along with cost competitiveness. The Support Shop serves some of the biggest names in the Chennai IT and service industry to move their laptop data flawlessly into their new systems or storage devices. All our technical staffs have the necessary knowledge and specific tools required for successful and professional laptop data migration services.

We utilize a four-step process to migrate your data:

  1. Working with you, we evaluate your media and determine your requirements. We can access data from any brand or type of media.
  2. We then migrate your data from its original sources.
  3. Your data is indexed; de-duplicated and unnecessary files are purged to reduce your storage footprint.
  4. Data is delivered to you on new storage media and Laptop is ready for accessing.

We extend our laptop data migration services for all popular laptops and notebooks.

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Note : Our Pick Up Boy will come with a copy of the pick up form attested by Support Shop (India) Private Limited for safe hand over.

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