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It is extremely easy to overlook the importance of having a backup system in place. But what happens if, one day, you turn on the computer, and you find your hard drive does not respond? All of a sudden, all of your important files are gone! If a hard drive is completely dead, the chances of recovering your data (without paying a price) are nil.

A backup system is so crucial because, eventually, all hard drives die. The sad thing is, oftentimes there is no clear warning when a hard drive is going out. Things will be working fine until, all of a sudden, your files are corrupted or inaccessible altogether.

The beauty of a backup system is that it's so cost-effective and so maintenance-free. You pay for a one-time installation and setup, you tell us what files and folders should be backed up, and we will set up a schedule where the computer will automatically back up those files - without you lifting a finger!

If you had a backup system in place, then a hard drive crash is nothing to worry about. We simply restore your data from your backup hard drive, and then you are good to go! If, unfortunately, you did not have a backup system in place prior to the crash, then it can be a process to retrieve your files.

How do you determine if you need a backup system?

Just imagine that tomorrow morning you discover that your hard drive is dead. If there is anything that you would miss, then you really should have a backup system.

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